Tuesday, 5 April 2011

28-30 October 2001

Sun 28
Went out to see Matt, the bloke offering the lift who was living at a caravan park near Cable beach. He fixes car anbd van aircons for a living so his van should be comfortable. Watched sunset on the beach then went back to the hostel where I found half the people from Kakadu had showed up.

Mon 29th
Did absolutely nothing

Tue 30th
Walked out from the town to Cable beach, spoke with Matt and found there would be another person on the trip. In the evening went to Sun Theatre, which advertised itself as the worlds oldest picture garden and watched The Tailor of Panama on an outside screen.

26-27 October 2001

Friday 26th

Took a 24 hour coach trip to Broome through endless dry scrub. Stopping at roadhouses, a combination petrol station and diner that was often the only building around. At one of these a man jumped on demanding a seat and someone to talk to.

Saturday 27th
Arriving in Broome I went to the Kimberley Club Hostel and took my photos to be developed. I found an advert for a lift to Perth on Monday 5th so rang it, the payphone cut out several times before I got through.