Monday, 13 July 2009

Buenos Aires

P7120276.AVI I’ve just spent a week in Buenos Aires, where I had a room with a local family and meals are served at a kind of restaurant.  It was very different from the forest but great to see life in a Honduran mountain village and the fresh pastellitos they sell are brilliant.


On my first day we did a large mammal walk on transect 4, the only signs were of white tailed deer and coati but we did see a pit viper and a coral snake by the path.


On Thursday night we had a barbecue, which was rained off so everyone moved onto the terrace of a semi-abandoned hotel called the ecolodge and played cards.  Friday afternoon a group of us went swimming in a waterfall.


 The large mammal transects finished yesterday and in the afternoon I went out mist netting with the bird team and we caught five birds in a hour including the largest and smallest species in the park. Tomorrow I leave for Santo Tomas on the west side for another week, followed by a week in Cortecito so I should be returning to base camp and internet on the 29th.

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