Thursday, 24 January 2013

Another silly idea

My work such as it is is very seasonal and there isn't likely to be a lot until March, so what to do for the next month or so?

After a lot of procrastinating I decided it is time to go away for a bit. The plan as follows goes like this.

Tuesday 5th Feb - coach to London booked
Tuesday night - hostel in London booked
Wednesday 6th - coach to Paris (yes I know there's a bit of water in the way, I assume this will be addressed) booked
6th-8th Couchsurfing in Paris - my first attempt and I got a reply with my first message - booked

8th onwards - unbooked, I have a vague idea of making my way south across France and Spain to northern Morrocco and a few tentative ideas of where to go along the way but the point is to be spontaneous. Or as spontaneous as I can be without getting into too much trouble.

22nd - the date I have to be back in the UK to meet a friend.

I will try and update this blog as I go along.

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