Thursday, 21 November 2013

A photo history of Lubljana

In the beginning was the wilderness

and some very odd animals, this is a cave salamander, also called a human fish - partly because they are pink but mainly because it freaks people out.

After a while came the Romans

Then came the Middle ages a time of art, castles and Bishops suspending men on ropes for no obvious reason.

The whole area became part of the Austrian Empire and architecture developed

 Sometimes in surprising ways

They were briefly conquered by Napoleon
 Finally in the 20th Century the city became part of Yugoslavia
Then the communists took over

Eventually Slovenia became independent in a war where, little known fact  - many clothes were stolen by the Yugoslav army and hidden in unexpected places.

After a while some alternative sorts started taking over areas
Then the tourists arrived.

Followed by the money

Until finally the inevitable occurred

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