Friday, 27 January 2017

To Palawan

Internet is a bit slow here so updates may be sporadic but here goes.
Wednesday I flew from Manila to Puerto Princessa on Palawan. We boarded the plane early in order to have more time on board when take off was delayed and flew away from the city to a genuine tropical island. 
Landing it was instantly clear this is a much less rushed place and so it turned out. I got a minibus who started by driving round Puerto to find more passengers then stopped for petrol before starting the long haul north, with an hour break so the driver could have dinner. 

Arrived in El Nido in the dark and met up with my old workmate Holly.
On Thursday, Holly showed me a beach along the coast with even better views,  especially of the sunset. Then today I did a boat tour, including a beach you can only get to through a cave.

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