Friday, 15 February 2013

A long day

I spent the morning looking at the Museum of Navarra, which had a art from Roman mosaics through to some 20th Century stuff. The best though was the Gothic wall paintings that had been moved whole from their original location and filled whole rooms.

I met up with Russ and Trish from travelbugs for lunch at an excellent tapas bar with ham hanging from the ceiling before heading to the station. Unfortunately I then discovered the 3.35 train to Madrid was booked solid and so was the 5.35, since I already had a bed booked I felt there was no option but to go at 7.35, which got me into Atocha station at ten to eleven. The station was huge and set up like an airport, it also seemed to contain almost everything except a gents toilet. Which I eventually found through the large greenhouse behind the shopping mall.

By the time I got to Cat's hostel it was past midnight but I let myself be talked into an organised pub crawl and made it till 3. I then slept till midday and went to the Prado Museum, which was so big I didn't see everything but certainly comprehensive - did anyone else know there is a second Mona Lisa made at the same time by one of Leonardo's students?

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