Tuesday, 12 February 2013

To Pamplona

OK so I didn't go swimming either as the free access was only before 4pm. The hostel allegedly had a bar but in practice this meant buying a ticket from a machine to give to a man who would disappear out back and return with a beer. Why the man could not be paid directly was not clear.

I decided to find an authentic local place to eat and ended up in a back street tapas bar where the menu was not even Spanish let alone English. After guessing what the Catalan words meant I ended up with a plate of fried squid, potatoes and a pink sauce that I never did identify.

The train to Pamplona should have been easy but just over halfway everyone was made to get off and wait at a small station for another train.The landscape started out looking decidedly Mediterranean and got slowly greener and wetter going west until snow covered mountains surrounded us.

Pamplona itself was not snow covered, though there are patches. I looked around the citadel, which is now a park containing several art galleries ranging from quite nice woodcarving to quite disturbing short films.

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