Sunday, 15 December 2013

Plitvice Lakes

Due to the lack of transport I ended up going to Plitvice via Zagreb. The entrance car park was surrounded by closed up buildings that might have been gift shops, guest houses, cafes or almost anything from what I could tell.

Eventually I found an open restaurant (at least I think it was a restaurant, it had tables but no sign of food, drink or customers) and asked about ahotel. The answer was that there was one down the road five something, possibly kilometers, possibly inches the language gap meant there was no way to tell. Luckily it turned out to be 500m.

The hotel was a huge complex, I don't know everything that was in there as I gave up my exploration of the building somewhere after the second conference hall and before the tennis courts but it was big.

My ticket allowed me to explore the lakes for one afternoon and the following morning, though I never got to see it all as in places the waterfalls were gushing over the ice covered path. Anyway it is a place best shown rather than described so here goes.

Back in Zagreb for one night I went looking for a toy shop for Christmas presents. The market sold beautiful wooden toys but unfortunately held together with bits of metal that looked designed to pop out and injure a bay so I decided to take the safe option and buy from a proper shop. The first place I got an address for didn't exist, I mean not just it wasn't a toyshop but there was no building there. The address was given as number 12 but when I got there the 12 was over an arch leading to an open yard with a few bins in it. I did eventually find somewhere but can say no more in cvase certain people have learnt to read really quickly.

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