Thursday, 12 December 2013


I am now really annoyed that I lost my camera as Zadar had by far the best views of anywhere I've visited with turquoise sea, green islands and a line of snow capped mountains along the horizon.

Unfortunately views is all it had as the tour to Plitvice lakes national park that I had hoped to join only run in summer so I ended up with a day and a half to try and fill. I did discover the unique selling points of Zadar, something called the sea organ, a series of pipes that make noises a bit like whale song as the waves wash in and out of them and the salute to the sun, a set of lights set in the sea front that flash in random patterns.

In the morning I visited the two small museums in town, which to be fair did have an impressive collection of stone carvings and even gold ornaments dating from the iron age. Then I took a ferry over to the nearest island, determined to say I had visited at least part of the huge archipelago that runs along the Croatian coast and wandered around the island for a bit.

Unfortunately I am coming to the conclusion that the Croatian coast can only be done properly in summer thanks to the habit of shutting everything when there are less than a bajillion tourists. Still it was a shame to leave the sun and get a bus back to Zagreb, which is cold but on the plus side is now probably  the first place that seems Christmassy with lots of lights and Christmas markets.

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