Sunday, 8 December 2013

Should be pictures

 My main camera is unwell so for the time being this will be limited to phone photos when I can upload them.

Back in Dubrovnik I found out that the city orchestra was giving a free concert. They do this every 6th of December to commemorate the Serbian shelling of the old town that started on that date in 1991 and it certainly beats the Salvation army band and a choir of out of tune seven year olds.

I stayed another day to take the cable car up to the Napoleonic fort over the city and look at the war museum. Then got a bus for Split where I am now.

The journey up the coast was stunning with lots of little islands and inlets and one interesting interlude when as far as I could work out someone had started roadworks without bothering to put up signs or arrange diversions so the bus waited half an hour while they cleared a way through for us.

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