Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Moving on

Flying from Puerto Princessa proved a confusing experience. First you have bags inspected by a guard at the front door, then you take all your bags to a scanner. Next go back out past the scanner to check in and finally go back to the scanner again, this time only with hand luggage.
Once inside I was grateful there were only four boarding gates as the only information was on the printed signs next to them. There were tvs all over but showing what seemed to be adverts with the sound off, or at least random shots of people followed by a logo. With all this I didn't realise my flight was delayed until after it was meant to have left.
This time the hostel pickup in Manila worked so I avoided dealing with taxi drivers or the worst of the city and spent the evening in the gated village, which turned out to have a restaurant just round the corner. I went for a dorm room for the first time this trip but the other two occupants were permanently asleep so it was quiet enough.
Today I moved on to Tagaytay and after being mobbed by tricycle drivers found my way to Mountain Breeze hostel.
The city sits on a hill overlooking a lake and there is a cooling breeze. I think I'm going to like it here. 

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