Monday, 6 February 2017

The last of Palawan

In the end I did have to go out as nothing nearby was open for food. I ended up at a place called the bay walk,  which completely changed my perception of Puerto Princessa.
With a view across the harbour families wandered up and down two rows of outside cafés. It all felt welcoming and peaceful.
Then I got to sleep in an aircon room, I'd forgotten how nice it is to actually have a bedroom cool enough to lie under a sheet without drowning in sweat.
Today I did the underground river tour.  Apparently it's the longest cave river known that can actually take boats. To get there, first get to the launch point, wait for someone to explain what's take happening and finally take a boat across the bay. Then walk through the jungle, watch out for monkeys, to the river.  Wait some more for another boat, which will do a 45 minute circuit in the cave. The actual experience inside is carefully controlled, right down to the audio guide with headphones so the noise doesn't disturb the bats.
On the way back we stopped for photos by a limestone cliff towering over rice fields.
As it's a week day now the restaurants in this mall are open so I'm enjoying going for dinner without having to go anywhere. 

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