Sunday, 5 February 2017

The first set back

I was planning to go to Sabang for the underground river. As there was no direct route I was advised to book a minibus going to Puerto Princessa and get out when it stopped at the Salvacion terminal. It didn't stop or go near anywhere that looked like a terminal until reaching Puerto.
The bus station at Puerto Princessa was dusty, hot and above all a long way from anywhere. I got a tricycle and tried in vain to explain to the driver that I wanted to go to the city centre, where there were lots of hotels. He asked repeatedly for the address of City Centre Hotel. Eventually I got through that I didn't have a booking anywhere and he took to pointing at the widely separated hotels we passed. Eventually I gave up and settled on one by a quiet shopping arcade. I still have no idea what the centre is like or even if there is one rather than long roads lined with warehouses and what look like diy stores.
In fairness I seem to have fallen on my feet since they book underground river tours here and I got a large aircon room for the same I paid for a smaller fan room in El Nido. The bungalow in Port Barton was cooled by neither as the electricity goes off at midnight but instead had a sea breeze that was more than adequate.
The experience has left me a bit drained and I don't plan to do anything more today. 

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