Thursday, 4 June 2009

I go US and A

Yes the first thing that crossed my mind as I stepped onto US soil was Borat, but I managed to restrain myself.

Since then, I think the best word is rushed, everything moved at a million miles an hour from the moment the guy at passport control shouted "get a moiv on!". Admittedly the jet lag didn't help but it really is a frantice place. So what have I done, well the edited highlights look like this.

-passed US immigration, which is a *lot* quicker than the rumours.
-been nearly blinded by neon signs.

-ate a pizza
-fell asleep after 20 hours awake.
-Breakfasted in a dinner

-walked to Time Square, Grand Central, UN Plazza, Rockerfeller Centre

-Went on the observation deck

-Walked to Central Park and through it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

-Whistlestop tour of the greek, egyptian, chinese, mediaeval and American collections, the highlight was a whole egyptian temple rebuilt in one room but I also saw the original of the photo of the stained glass window on my parents stairs

-walked across the park again to 81st St station
-train downtown
-stopped for coffee
-walked to ground zero, nothing to report as the site is hidden by hoardings and the crowd pushed me past at speed
-Walked across the Brookly bridge

-spent an hour finding a subway station that was named for one street and had the entrance on another

It was like that, only more rushed

Oh and I also saw the New York Brain Depositrory, draw your own conclusions.

I will now attempt to cactch my breath before exploring New York at night.

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