Tuesday, 16 June 2009

To the coast

I spent two nights in San Pedro staying at the Tamarindo Hostel where the people were friendly but the heat way unbearable, I then got a bus down to La Ceiba on the Carribean coast stopped a night at Banana Republic Hostel and joined a tour up into Pico Bonito to get a first taste of the rain forest.  The lodge was beautiful set on the side of the river.

I went for a three hour walk up to a waterfall, which was beautiful and easy going so I think I will be up to this.

After a peaceful and cool night in the forest I headed back down to the ferry port.  As I didn't know the sailing time I ended up waiting three hours but I did get to see one of the cattle being loaded on a boat make a break for freedom and swim across the harbour.

I'm now on Utila, which is only an hour away but a completely different culture, the locals speak English though with such a strong accent it took me a few minutes to realise and the town is right on the sea with what seem like hundreds of tourists.


There was one surprise, see if you can spot it.

I seem to have ended up in the only hotel on the island where the owner speaks only Spanish.

Now the requests, despite my best efforts at security, I seem to be down one head torch so if anyone knows where I can get one in Honduras it would be much appreciated.

Second, where should I go now? I was planning to head into La Moskitia but transport is only guaranteed at the very edge which means to see the more remote and interesting parts I would be taking the risk of getting stuck for a few days, which with a week to go I can't afford. Any ideas?

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