Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Las Sepulturas

I´m breaking the last couple of days up into a few entries to organise my thoughts. 

Yesterday, I discovered that my entry ticket from the Maya Ruins allowed me to visit a second site 2km further away so I headed off. This time I managed to walk alone and found the site looking almost abandoned in the forest.  A couple of security guards were lazing by the entrance and one of them offered to show me around, which was just as well as unlike the other site this one had few clear paths.


Where the main ruins was a complex of temples this area was mainly residential with bedrooms aranged around courtyards and kitchen buildings.  Many of the houses had tombs built into the base, which gave the site its name.  The trees had only been cleared from the actual buildings so there was much more of a feel of how it would be to discover a place like this.


Anyway I´ll leave this one for a bit as this entry will be better with photos.

And here they are

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