Saturday, 22 August 2009

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Well the camera appears to have died completely so there may be a delay in pictures. On the plus side I made it across the border without incident. A hundred touts tried to convince me that the only way was a minibus to Belize city at 5am but I ignored them, went to the bus station asked for a bus "para la frontera" it left within 10 minutes though it did then stop for the the regular food sellers who were joined this time by people selling toiletries and a man who read a large book aloud to the bus, I assume a political or religious tract.  The journey was on good roads except for the last half hour where it was still being built.

At the border I was asked to pay by the Guatemalans and not by Belize, the exact opposite of what is supposed to happen and then I was through.  There were no buses apparent so I settled for a fixed price taxi to San Ignacio Cayo.  The town is really friendly, while I was eating dinner some locals invited me to come sit with them and were telling me about how easy it is to grow fruit and how no one who owns land can ever starve in Belize.  There is definitely a different atmosphere maybe because it is English speaking.

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