Friday, 14 August 2009



The boat from San Pedro to Panajachel was drier than the day before but paying was interesting as the captain spoke only Maya, I looked around to see if any of the other passengers spoke something else and one did... Hebrew, luckily a man on the dock could translate.


Solola was fascinating with lots of market stalls including the kind of food stalls where they cook the food in front of you, something I've been looking for all over.  The town was packed with people in for the market and fiesta many in traditional costumes and there was a great atmosphere with parades and marching bands seemingly at random and a big stage in front of the church where rock bands played and a group of teenage boys danced did a high speed conga line while the old ladies clapped along to the rhythm.


In the morning I made my way back to Antigua by three buses. I had planned to go to Lanquin from the lake but from what I can work out this involves two or three days in a truck so I decided to splash out on transport with chairs inside although I spent much of the journey standing.


No matter how many times I use public transport here I still can't get used to the behviour of the touts at bus stops, in their eagerness to get customers thay grab emerging passengers bags, arms and probably hair.  On the plus side I can now confirm these were actual chicken buses as I sat by a lady carrying two live chickens by the feet.


I'm now back in the big city or so it feels hoping to head east sometime soon.

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