Sunday, 30 August 2009

Welocme to Meeheeco Greeeeeeeengooooo

I got to Belize bus station and was greeted by the taxi driver who took me to the hotel two days earlier, he shook my hand and showed me to the bus.  Going north through the flat costal plains things slowly changed as Spanish signs began to reappear and the wooden houses on stilts gave way to the low concrete sheds Spanish America seems to prefer.  Then I saw the sign "Mexico and North America", from there it was a short drive to the free zone on the border and a heavy tax to leave Belize then I was in Mexico.

I got a taxi to the ADO bus station and my first impression was that Mexico is rich, six lane dual carriageways, neatly painted buildings and lots of shopping centres.  I bought a 2nd class ticket for Tulum expecting a chicken bus, instead I got a ticket and an assigned seat. That turned out to be a fiction as the seat was occupied by a family of four and I had to stand for the first hour.  There was aircon though it occasionally sprayed the bus with water.

The Weary Traveller in Tulum has airconditioned dorms and runs a free bus to the beach, which I plan to take today and the town is areal culture shock with actual tourists hanging around.

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