Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tulum to Cancun

Well I missed the free bus down and went later, the beach was beautiful but after about 30 minutes quite dull, I[m just not one of thosepeople who thinks a good time is sitting still getting hot.  The next day I went to the Tulum ruins, which are close enough to the beach to walk from the bus stop.  The site was small compared to Copan or Tikal but with the most amazing location right on the cliffs.


Real Mexican food is turning out to be fantastic, the same tortillas bean, rice and chicken but here they actually add chilli and spices something that the rest of the region seems to have forgotten about.

The followoing day I booked a tour to the Siaan Kaan, we spent the morning on a boat going across massive natural lagoons, past osprey nests, through mangroves  and over the openings where fresh water flows from undergrounbd into the sea.  The boat trip finished at a tiny Mayan structure with bats flying round inside then we were given lifejackets and floated back down towards the coast.  After lunch we went boogie boarding and I read my way through the visitors centre library.

Today I got the bus to Cancun, which as Id feared looks like a US city with palm trees, still it provides as useful base for exploring this side of the Yucatan and Tulum was too comfortable, I might have ended up staying weeks.  I managed to get talked into buying a tour to Chichen Itza, which I hadnt planned to do but I was planning to visit and at least this spares me being chased around the site by freelance guides.

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