Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mexico city

I had a choice of a 9 hour overnight bus to Acapulco or a 12 hour one to Mexico City, after Cancun I couldnt face another US focused resort and the biggest city in the world (is it still?) can surely fill a week.

There were only two stops on the bus once when the one of the two toilets overflowed and had to be cleaned and once for an ID check.  On arrival I found that taxis had to be prebooked from a desk saving the usual scrum of taxi drivers eager to take you and at least some of your luggage to  wherever offers at the best commision.  I opted for one night in a hotel overlooking the Zoccalo, a real old fashioned grand hotel complete with a man employed to operate the lift but far too expensive for more than one night.
 After dumping my bags I went to see the cathedral, which is supposedly the biggest and oldest in the Americas.


From there I went to the Aztec Templo Mayor, which was closed but I did get a brief look from outside.

After eventually discovering all museums are closed on mondays I went to the Palacio Nacional to look at the murals by Diego Rivera.

I returned to the hotel for a first class view of the flag being lowered over the Zocalo.

This morinig I transfered myself to the much cheaper Hostel Amigo and looked for somewhere to upload photos. Im now off to see if the city centre museums are open and plan the rest of the week.

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