Wednesday, 23 September 2009

City continued

On tuesdays things are open so I went first to the Museum of the City, there were two exhibits on the ground floor one on a Japanese architect and one consisting of dense blocks of Spanish text and uncaptioned black and white photos.  Upstairs most rooms were closed but I was ushered into one containing a staircase and several pictures, I went up the stairs and found two shut doors with no signs so I went back down. The woman in charge stopped me in the hallway "No, no, no" she took me back to the room and kept gesturing towards the left so I pushed the door and it opened.  There was a small room with murals on the walls a writing desk covered in perspex and a row of benches, I sat down on a bench to look at the pictures and she was back "No, no" I asked if I should stand "No, no, no" at the far end of the room was another door so I went towards that, again she objected so I went to go back the way I came and she tried to stop me doing that. I'd had enough by this point so I pushed past and left, I still have no idea what i was meant to do in that room.

After exploring the streets for a bit I finally got to the Templo Mayor and was pleased to discover that it really was the main temple of the old city, which I had thought was lost under the cathedral.  The site was rebuilt regularly with older pyramids built over old ones so there was a lot to take in.  Then there was the museum, the exhibits were good but the audio guide was based on numbers that tended to be in the wrong place and read by someone who had never heard English spoken and discussed the alabaster bowels and necklaces of beds dedicated to various dieties.

By this point it was getting late so I returned to the hostel just in time to run into a tour to the Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling so I went along.  No photos were allowed inside the arena, which was a shame as it was quite a spectacle though not entirely convincing as fighting, more like a dance performed in and around the ring by a selection if power rangers and members of the village people.

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