Sunday, 13 September 2009

LIfe in San Cristobal

Yesterday I went to the maya medicine museum, luckily I was warned how far it was and took a taxi. The museum was still in the town but a long way from the centre in an area that felt more central American than anywhere Ive seen since Guatemala.

Inside the museum there were some tableux of the rituals done in the villages, though for the full effect you have to imagine pine needles on the floor, more candles, music and live chickens.

Outside were the green crosses used to represent the world tree and confuse visitors into thinking they are a christian symbol and a replica of a traditional sauna.

The rest of the day and this morning I spent taking pictures of the churches and bought toothpaste at the worlds most complicated pharmacist. First you find what you want and take it to a counter, then they take it off you and give you a ticket, you take this to a second counter and pay and recieve a second ticket, this has to be taken to a third counter to finally collect the item.

In the evening I wandered round the town, which was if anything busier than in the daytime with lots of market stalls and live music everywhere not just drifting from doorways but played in the squares and on the staps of the town hall.

I was planning to move on today but the bus to Oaxaca only runs overnight, presumably because all guidebooks advise only taking buses in the day so I have a day free.

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