Saturday, 26 September 2009


After getting up early for the tour covering Xochimilco and the Frida Kahlo museum I discovered that it was cancelled so I made my own way to Xochimilco on the metro, I had to change from line 1to line 2 at a station built around a small Aztec sculpture.

I then had to go to the end of the line and take a different train called Tren Ligera. The station was packed with hundreds of teenagers who broke into cheers at intervals. At first I thought something was happening there but the train was equally crowded.

I dint work it out until they all suddenly got off and I noticed the sign for the Azteca Stadium.

Xochimilco was at the end of the line again and I followed the signs down to the docks, which were strangely deserted so I ended up with a boat to myself.  The water was completely filled with boats and twqo men ran over them pushing this way and that to create a space for my boat then one of them punted it along. 

We passed under a bridge and it became apparent why the docks were empty, everyone was already on the water.  There were boats with familiies picnincing, boats with barbecaues, flowers, shops and most of all lots of boats with Mariachi bands.  The whole area was divided into islands but  disapointingly none appeared to be floating as I had heard.

From there I walked back to the station via a nice park with a pretty church in it.

That should be about it for this trip but Ill see what happens tommorow.

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