Monday, 7 September 2009

Escape time

I have had enough of the Yucatan Peninsula and started on the long haul for Mexico proper.  Before leaving the hostel I noticed a brilliant poster warning people not to book tours with unauthorised touts, or as the put it "Do not leave deposits in the street".  The bus from Cancun was nearly empty and had such strong aircon I felt cold 

I decided to break the journey at Merida, the capital of Yucatan province.  I picked a place out of the guide book, walked in and they said there was space.  Then they asked for my passport, I queried this pointing out that everywhere else had been happy to take a note of the number and that it is the one thing I cannot afford to loose. Suddenly there was no space and I was back on the street looking for another place to stay.

On the plus side Merida as a town is definitely a step in the right direction, Ive walked around and no one tried to sell me a tour or demand I go in their taxi. Despite this I plan to push on to Palenque tommorrow for what may be my final Maya ruin.

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