Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Today I joined a tour to Teotihuacan, the architecture and murals were worth seeing and the whole city is massive but for me the real interest was that it was the first city in the region and influenced everywhere else Ive seen. 

First we visited Tlateloco where the last Aztec leader was captured.  This is known as the plaza of three cultures because the pyramid is surrounded by both modern and colonial buildings.

In the morning we went to the pyramids of the sun and the moon

At lunch we visited an obsidian workshop and our bus driver joined the band in the restaurant.

Afterwards we went to a palace where the rulers of the city once lived.

The tour finished with a brief visit to the Virgin of Guadelupe which disappointingly is kept in a 960s concrete building that looks like a conference centre and has moving walkways to carry people past the picture. The older basillica is still standing but leans so much it is no longer used.


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