Monday, 14 September 2009

To Oaxaca

Almost everything I was told about the overnight bus turned out to be false, the seats do not recline into a flat bed, there are no queues of people vomiting in the toilets and the allegedly arctic aircon wasnt even on for most of the trip.  Thanks to sleping pills I managed to miss most of the journey and was woken only once by a uniformed figure with a torch who inspected everyones bags.


I was able to check in to Mezkaltion hostel at 7am and get an hour sleeping on an actual bed before starting to explore the city.  On first impressions it seems almost European with a big cathedral and several museums.



Across the square was the Palacio de Gobierno,  decorated for the independence celebrations tommorow and wednesday.


I visited the museum of precolombian art some of which is incredibly intricate and well preserved.

The other museums I hoped to visit today were closed so I just wandered the streets for a bit and brought some Oaxacan chocolate, which is rumoured to be the best in the world.

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