Wednesday, 12 August 2009

San Pedro La Laguna

Santiago Atitlan may have good views but it is not a place to stay if you plan on eating out, the choices seemed to be takeaway pizza or stalls selling cold fried chicken that may or may not have seen a cooker in the past week. Eventually I found a cafe where the choice was hamburgers or pasta. I settled for a simple pasta with olive oil and garlic, figuring that should be safe enough, it may have been the worst pasta ever.

It appears the fiesta runs for a few days so I decided to visit another lake town called San Pedro La Laguna.  The crossing was fairly rough with nowhere on the boat that didnt get sprayed but in the sun it was all dry again by the time we docked.  San Pedro appears to be two towns a working Spanish area at the top of the hill and a collection of hippiesh cafes on the shore.  The hippie area is actually very pleasant with lots of gardens, lake views and strangely small cornfields among the buildings. I also had a great lunch to make up for last night, in a place where the tables are in a set of gardens running down to the lake.

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