Monday, 24 January 2011

1 July 2001

The next morning I made my way back into the airport by bus. Heathrow is the size of a medium sized town with its own shops, cafes and tube network before you even get to check in. Met up with the others in my team (see later entries) in terminal 2 and finally got my tickets and visa. Checking in I had to wait while my onward tickets from Vietnam were checked and rechecked. Still I got off lightly compared to the two Americans, they couldn't change planes at Moscow without Russian transit visas and had to be sent back into London to the embassy and fly later.

The top floor of the terminal seemed to be ten times the size of the ground and of course full of duty free shops. The flight seemed to be delayed as there was no gate number but also no anouncements. Eventually it came up as gate 12 and we checked in an hour late at the gate, then waited another hour in a lounge before bussed out to the plane, several miles out in a sea of tarmac.

Finally took off three hours late. My seat was apart from the others and the flight magazine was in Russian.

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