Thursday, 27 January 2011

29 August 2001

Got up at the crack of dawn to help collect the harp trap, which was set up in the Indiana Jones ravine on the top of the hill opposite, only got three bats this time. Five of us went but it only took three to carry everything, I took some metal joining bits that have to be kept out of the bag to avoid tearing the threads.

Started breaking up base camp by filling in the rubbish pit and putting some equipment in trunks. Only two days left, which seemed hard to believe.

Following a rumour that a hunter had shot a gibbon Martin headed off and managed to buy the hand and part of a skull, which will be taken back to Hanoi for identification.

Will, Myron and Colin went out for a walk and they came back carrying Colin who was very drun kas a result of meeting some miners. Myron bought some more xeo and a group of locals showed up wanting to drink with us, after that it went downhill fast.

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