Wednesday, 26 January 2011

11 - 18 August 2001

 Took a long hard walk out to satelite camp 2 and as soon as we arrived it started raining and I was covered in leeches. The local guides cleared banana trees for the camp in no time.

Reccied and later surveyed a transect for bats.

Marking out and recording a vegetation plot and found the skeleton of an unidentified mammal.

Got up early to walk to a hill refered to as gibbon spot although there were no gibbons. Returned to camp by lunchtime  and spent the afternoon failing to birdwatch.

Camp duty and a resuply from base camp. Mr Tue the local guide cooked the new food, not trusting us foreigners.

Helped Mr Tien the Vietnamese scientist to check the Sherman live traps for small mammals and got one mouse. Was quite pleased with myself when he changed his mind about the species as a result of my checking the field guide.

Birdwatching and butterfly catching, packed up camp.

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