Monday, 31 January 2011

4 September 2001

In the morning swung by Frontier House then stopped for lunch at a bun cha stall on the corner, where I got pork burgers with sweet chilli sauce, noodles and salad for 5000 dong 9about £1.20). Spent most of the day exploring then in the evening went on a mystery tour.

 I was on the terrace at Minh's when I got talking with a guy who had just arrived from China. Then we met two other tourists and decided to go to a place called New Century disco. When we got there the door charge was 40,000 dong and while we were debating if it was worth it we were approached by a Croation who persuaded us to head off in search of a cheaper place. We got a taxi and the Croation spent the journey talking about how cheap the local prostitues were, which was a bit worrying.

The first place we tried was closed so we went to Apocalypse Now. It was awful, very young Vietnamese girls in tight miniskirts being pawed by fat elderly white men with German accents. After about 30 minutes we had finished our drinks and the music suddenly stopped dead so we left. Tried yet another closed bar before ending up back at New Century where it turned out they weren't actually collecting the door charge. On getting inside I realised this was probably because they had more staff than customers.

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