Tuesday, 4 October 2011

10th November 2001

Got the bus to Dunsborough, a seaside town that was recommended. The countryside was green, the soil brown and the rivers full of water. It's a big contrast to the north where we drove past dry rivers and bushfires and miles and miles of desert scrub.

Outside Busselton where we changed buses we passed a long row of church run campsites. I didn't think much when the first sign said Uniting Church Family Camp but then it was followed by Baptists, Catholics etc.

Got into Dunsborough about 5.30 and started looking for the beach front hostel that was recommended, as I was walking someone offered me a lift. I checked in and decided to go back into town for food, and got a second lift. Then on the way back a woman told me my bag was too heavy to walk to the coast and borrowed her husbands truck to give me a third lift.

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