Thursday, 6 October 2011

20th -22nd November 2001

Tue 20th

Arrived and checked into The Arts Factory.

Wed 21st

Slept a long time.

Two nice girls who just moved into the dorm volunteered to come out for my birthday.

Went to the Arts Factory Cinema, which is decorated with glostars and has sofas instead of seats and watched He Died With A Fallafell in His hand, which was nothing like the book. Then there was a BBQ and Aboriginal dance show and finally we all ended up dancing on the table in a place called Cheeky Monkeys.

Thu 22nd

Dave and Cerys from Ko Phangan showed up, from knowing no one in the town I got four people for a birthday party in under 48 hours.

Walked out to the lighthouse and the most easterly point in Australia then back along the beach. There was a visitors centre with ecological management plans and a temporary jobs list.

In the evening the streets were lined with buskers.

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