Wednesday, 5 October 2011

11th to 14th November 2001

Sun 11th - spent a very lazt day, played monopoly.

Mon 12th

Went whale watching, we saw one humpback mother and calf followed by a pod a five adults who stayed with the boat for hours. Apparently whalesong was recorded about 20km distant. We went back via an old fishing boat that had been deliberately sunk to attract tourists. In the afternoon I booked a bus back to Perth and spent the evening watching The Devil's Advocate and Chasing Amy.

Tue 13th

Missed the morning bus so ended up on an evening service with several fat Russians and two Mormon church elders who kept name tags on at all times.
The bus stopped at a train station somewhere in the suburbs so rather than continue into Perth I took a train to Freemantle. It was late so I asked at the first open place (a computer shop) for somewhere to stay and was shown to the YHA. The old man who greeted me started by telling me they were shutting up and I must be quiet then showed me to a room where he fumbled in the dark for a light switch as far from the door as possible. Afterwards went out but the only place open was doing a horrible karaeoke night.

Wed 14th

Moved to another hostel, The Old Firestation, which promised free laundry, videos and internet. Went into Perth and tried to collect my ticket for the Indian Pacific but it wasn't ready.

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