Sunday, 9 October 2011

23rd November 2001

Went on the triple challenge tour. It started with abseiling down an overhang into a pool then over a waterfall. At the next site they set up a kind of zip line called a flying fox running down over a pool, it started with a sudden drop before turning in to a slide down to the water. Finally we went to some caves where we had to crawl through a muddy cave before washing off in a swimming hole where another cave was accessible by swimming under a rock. The tour ended with a barbie outside a factory.

In the evening went to a place called The Rails to meet Dave and Cerys, Nikki and Jo. The girls left early but the three of us stayed till 12 then went for a burger. Afterwards I still wasn't tired so when they went back to their camp site I checked out somewhere called Cocomangas but it was shit so went back.

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