Tuesday, 4 October 2011

5th - 7th November 2001

Monday 5th

Set off early, moved to the caravan park and slept in the hammock. Joined by a Korean called Soon and an Australian called Damien. Drove all day through dry scrub and camped on a beach at Hearsons cove. Someone had left a barbie lit so we cooked some meat and baked potatoes.

Tuesday 6th

In the morning got up at dawn and walked out over the mudflats before setting off. As we drove the land got noticeably greener with more grass and less desert. Soon got out at Carnaervon but we carried on till 7 and camped by a road house with three Israeli girls.

Wednesday 7th

The Aussie scrub completely disapeared around 1pm replaced with rolling farmland and wild flowers. Stopped at Matt's place in the suburbs of Perth and his mum offered me a bed for the night and dinner. Serendipity - if you don't rely on it, it will never let you down.

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