Tuesday, 1 February 2011

11 September 2001

Went out to see Uncle Ho, tried to walk ther but ended up on the wrong side of the causeway at West Lake and got a Xe Om.

Ho 'lives' in a large park but the actual mausoleum is quite small inside. He looks like a waxwork so maybe it is true they cremated him and put a replacement on display. Afterwards I looked at his stilthouse and the museum. There was a heavily ironic "words or Ho" exhibition starting with quotes condeming imperialism and ending with photos of the Vietnamese president meeting the Emperor of Japan and the King of Thailand.

Delicious banh bao for lunch, a steamed dough filled with hard boiled egg, minced pork and crab meat.

My room turned out to be doubling as the access to the laundry facilities on the roof, which were next to the loudspeakers.

Ate early at the bia hoi and was in bed by 9.30.

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