Sunday, 13 February 2011

23 -24 September 2001

Got the train back to Bangkok, instead of a platform it stopped in the middle of the tracks and I had to walk out across wooden boards and climb up a ladder. The third class seats were wood though I could see through to the padded seats in first class.

Booked a combined train and ferry ticket to Koh Samui, and spent the day hanging out near the station.

On the evening train they put the bunks down early so I lay awake listening to the sound of the wheels on the track. It brought to mind the scene in 'The Sorrow Of War' where the soldiers take the train south to the front and hear it whispering "Going south, going south, going south".

Woke ridiculously early to find the train had somehow changed direction in the night but still made it to Surat Thani. The ferry was comfortable enough with a notable absence of life vests or safety instructions. On Koh Samui I ended up as the only guest in the only place on Mae Nam beach that wasn't an all inclusive resort so decided to move on the next day.

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