Tuesday, 1 February 2011

9 September 2001

Took the short trek up a mountain which was hot and humid with concrete paths all the way. Will said he saw a Frontier vegetation plot on the way down. Lunch was soup with yellow noodles and potato cakes.

Walked out from the tourist zone into the old fishing village, a collection of concrete shacks on a narrow alley, it was a relief to be away from the salesmen.

Went back to the hotel and slept then wandered along to the beach, 7000d to pay and two Germans tried to make me pay for them. I also paid 14000d to swap my guidebook for a rather bad novel as I'd be leaving Vietnam.

That night the power went out and every bar, cafe and guesthouse except ours seemed to have a back up generator so I lay in the heat listening to the noise until the power finally returned to the fan.

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