Monday, 14 February 2011

9 October 2001

The ferrt back to the mainland was free but any saving was cancelled out when I allowed myself to be hustled onto a Super VIP bus to Ipoh. The bus onwards to the Cameroon Highlands wasn't till 6.30 so I looked round the town, which was small and dusty with a museum about forestry and an ornate train station/hotel that was closed for refurbishment.

The second bus headed up into the hill between limestone peaks and again I was struck by the similarity to Kim Hy only with a dual carriageway instead of a dirt track and a luxury bus intstead of an old Russian jeep. Once it was dark the bus turned onto a more winding road and hedache inducing yellow lights came on .

Got to Tanah Ratah about 9 and checked into a friendly guesthouse called Twin Pines.

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