Wednesday, 16 February 2011

17 October 2001

Johor Baru turned out to be full of beggars, which made me wonder if they'd been shipped ouver from Singapore for being too dirty. Took a bus across the causeway, which stopped at both immigration points for people to walk through and finally arrived at a race course outside the main city.

I took the MRT into the city and was impressed by the state of the carriages. It switched from overhead in the suburbs to undergound in the city.

Once in Singapore it took a while walking baking streets to find a place to stay. I ended up in Waffles homestay a rundown collection of rooms above a cafe with a squat toilet (the first since Georgetown) and walls that don't reach the celling. The whole block was so disorganised I walked into the flat next door without realising it.

I explored a bit and got thrown out Raffles hotel for not having a shirt and tie on.

Back in the guesthouse I discovered a worryingly insane old man. First he accused me of knocking down the building and seemed confused when I pointyed out it was in fact still standing. Later around 11pm as I was going to bed he came into the dorm and woke a young Malaysian man "You when you were here before, you ask if I have a problem. I don't do you have a problem"


"While you are here, you are nice, you do laundry, you put the chair back". He stormed out but a while later I heard him arguning with a couple down the corridor and caught a shout of "Tomorrow I move in your room".

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