Sunday, 13 February 2011

6 October 2001

Tried to book a train to Malaysia but all trains were full so I ended up in a private minimbus taking Thai businessmen to Penang. The driver tried to get me to pay the exit fee through him but I checked and the actual cost was only half what he said, though I did have to walk between border posts.

Once in Malaysia there were a lot more palm trees and more rice fields , which surprised me. After several hours the bus boarded a rusty three level ferry to Penang. The island hills loomed up covered in mist and then slowly the city appeared underneath, first tower blocks then smaller buildings. The bus stopped a large modern shopping centre, which gave me a bit of a culture shock.

As it was late I stopped at the first hotel I came to a Chinese run place, quite expensive though it did charge in two hour blocks and have a lot of female staff hanging around reception. I double checked the lock to make sure I'd be sleeping alone and then fell asleep.

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