Tuesday, 1 February 2011

12 September 2001

Got up at 7 and had pho for breakfast in the rainy street. Heard a rumour about big news at the hotel but nothing more. Mr Hong took me on his motorbike to where the minibuses for the airport left from. The minibus took so long I thought I would miss check in but it was open and very quick.

In the airport they were showing an English language news channel called CNBC, this confirmed that planes had crashed into the Pentagon and World Trade Centre but seemed more interested in the effect on the Singapore stock exchange so I had to wait for the free newspaper on the plane to get the full story.

Managed to get my passport stolen in Bangkok airport so by the time I got to Khao San I was in no mood to search out somewhere to stay and stopped in the first open place, which turned out to be a dormitory for Japanese visitors.

Bangkok seemed mad and much bigger than Hanoi with cars instead of motorbikes and lots neon signs and bars.

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