Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Back to Europe

OK, so technically I was still in Europe but it felt further away and a bit halucinatory. The Serbian train carriage didn't have blankets, or lights though to be fair both appeared within the first hour and the blanket at least stayed the whole night. I did get a compartment to myself though and fell into the kind of sleep where I couldn't tell what was a dream and what was the sound of the other passengers. Was that really a group of American tourists boarding and leaving at two remote stations somewhere in Serbia between midnight and 1am?

Entering the EU proved harder than leaving and my passport was checked a total of five times together with questions like "what is your date of birth?", "what is your star sign?", "Why don't you have another ID?". Given it was the middle of the night and I'm not at all sure these people knew enough English to understand my answers I thought I was very reasonable I did't even say "Caesarian section" when asked how I first entered Europe.

On arriving in Lubljana I decided to book two nights and spend aday just wandering about. Lubljana seems a small quiet city, very well kept with art decco buildings and little cafes. I also managed to buy a camera connector though by the time I got it there was no time for pictures of the city today. To find the shop I followed the directions out past the railway line, past abandoned Chinese restaurants and shipping offices and something called a venerealshop ( I don't even want to guess) but at least I don't have to spend tonight battling officials who haven't got the news about the fall of communism yet.

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