Tuesday, 8 November 2011

On foot

It feels like I've spent most of past day walking around the city. First a group of us went out for pizza and ended up missing the last tram back so we spent what must have been an hour failing to find a bridge over the river that was open to pedestrians.
The view from the tower

Charles bridge

Not Charles bridge

This morning I then went over to a copy of the Eiffel tower on a hill overlooking the city and climbed to the top. To be honest I did take the funicular railway up the hill but then I walked from the park down to the town and round the Jewish museum and cemetery. The cemetery was filled with centuries worth of stones all in one small area and many of the buildings had displays about the history of the Prague ghetto but it was definitely the first building that stays with you. Downstairs the walls were covered with lists of names and dates and upstairs was a display of rather old childrens drawings. If this needs explaining then it shouldn't, it certainly didn't at the time.

I've got one more night and then off the Cesky Krumlov in the south.

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