Friday, 11 November 2011

To Austria

It wasn't till the bus pulled into to Cesky Budejovice and the sun started to come out that it occured to me just how dark Cesk Krumlov had been, constant low cloud, dim light bulbs and a general sense of a place that last woke up around 1800.

At the train station I then discovered that CK was actually on a train line, just not one that appears on any map or any timetable outside the local region.

I caught a local train to Ceske Velnicia (no compartments this time) a large ish station surrounded by miles and miles of pine forest, who knows why. At the next platform was a train about 30 years younger marked Citysprint Wien.

There was no border at all instead after 10 minutes the train stopped at the next station and the signs were already in German. Eventually we emerged from the forest and through an agricultural area where I even saw vines before heading into Vienna.

Despite being an international station there was nowhere to change money around Franz Josef Bahnhof, or at Westbahnhof so I went to the bank and packed away my Koruna, which it sound like I can't change all weekend. I got to Westbahnhof by tram and decided on a place called Wombats because I'd found a flyer for it. I also got to have a rather childish laugh as the driver called out a service number "sex, sex, fear, sex".

From what I can see Vienna looks like Prague in terms of architecture but with a lot more bright lights and crowds. Aside from that and the lack of money changing a more thorough report will have to wait.

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