Monday, 7 November 2011


The journey was slightly longer than expected, extended at one end by Arriva neglecting to mention on their website that the train had been replaced by a bus leaving from a different place at a different time and at the other by directions that didn't quite know the difference between left and right. But I arrived and slept and was up in time for the all you can eat breakfast at Sir Toby's.

I spent most of the day exploring Prague castle, which unfortunately doesn't allow photos inside but I did get a few shots of the city to be updated later and learned about the importance of defenstration in the history of Europe. You can still see the window from which the city councillors were thrown but the 'miraculous' pile of horse dung that broke their fall has been moved.

Quote of the day, from the Prague city spy map "This area is where full of embassies and foreign diplomats, so keep an eye on your valuables"

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