Sunday, 13 November 2011


The Hofburg

The emperor liked to eat simply

Vienna seems quiet but I still managed to get not enough sleep but I did learn a few things about Austria.
1. No one goes to the pub much before midnight
2. Someone needs to be told that putting hundreds and thousands on the rim of a beer glass is not a cocktail, its an abomination.

In daylight I've seen the Kunsthistoriche (art history) museum and some of the imperial palace, which is huge. Forsome reason the displays focused on one particular Empress called Sisi, OK she was assasinated and sounds like she didn't enjoy life much but why single her out of the whole history of the Hapsburg empire I couldn't work out. I also wandered through museumsplein, a complex of museums with a lot of the exhibits outside and found the first Christmas market being set up.

After looking at trains from here I booked a place on a sleeper to Belgrade, partly because I know so little about it but also because most other routes seemed to involve changing trains at 3am or other inconveniences.

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