Wednesday, 16 November 2011


After finally getting an uninterupted nights sleep at Alibi and a traditional Slovenian dinner, which turned out to be bangers and mash I started the day with a walking tour. This focused mainly on the architecture but with a stop for hot drinks and a little about the history, the city was founded by Jason and the argonauts. I also learnt that the national anthem is about wine, good looking people and world peace rather than the nation and that Lubljana is so small and Slovenia so forested that bears are found within 20km of the city centre.

Another place where dragons are important

This door was made for the old pope who you can see at the top

Frescoes in the church

The philharmonic academy where several famous composers were members 
This was an old monastery re-designed as a theatre in the 1950s, the architect was then blacklisted because theatre was considered not communist enough

After this I discovered that the other traditional Slovenian food is ravioli and walked up to the castle, and up and up past stone steps and through a small park. The castle is small but they make excellent use of the space by having two levels to the courtyard with an art gallery and funicular station underneath. I climbed the tower but the promised view to the alps was hidden in mist, there was also a 3D film about the history of the city only slightly marred by adding ten minutes random footage of tourists to the end to represent ´now´. The museum was also excellent and very thorough.

The train to Rijeka doesn't leave until 3pm so I have most of tomorrow to explore a little more.

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